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Author of Pammy the Pig & An Alphabet Book by Mrs. Gregory's Kindergarten Class 

 Welcome to the Web site of Pam Fisher Books.  Pam is the author and illustrator of two children's books:  Pammy the Pig and An Alphabet Book by Mrs. Gregory's Kindergarten Class.  Writing her own children's books has been a lifelong aspiration of Pam's.  Pammy the Pig was Pam's first book, and she recently published a new book titled An Alphabet Book by Mrs. Gregory's Kindergarten Class.  For the last two decades, Pam has dedicated her life to her children, students and now grandchildren too!

Pammy the Pig tells a story of Molly, the farmer's daughter,  and a little piglet named Pammy who is "different" as she has a straight  tail instead of a curly tail.  All of the farm animals laugh at her,  but a bad storm approaches and the farm animals are in danger.  No need  to fear as Pammy the Pig saves the day - with her straight tail  nonetheless!   

 Children  really enjoy the book as they get to meet all the different animals and  get to feel the emotions that Pammy experiences as she is shunned by the  animals.  But, in the end, all works out, and Pammy and the farm  animals learn a valuable lesson that it is okay to be different.  And,  so will your child!

 It's never  too early to help children learn the lesson to embrace their differences  and to learn to accept others even if they are different!  The book's  anti-bullying message is one that cannot be introduced too early to  children. 

 An Alphabet Book by Mrs. Gregory's Kindergarten Class is about a teacher who asks each student in her class to come up with a  person's name and object for every letter of the alphabet.  See how the  children all work together to make this wonderful class alphabet book.   This is a perfect book for those children who are learning their  alphabet and for those early readers. 


I hope that you and your child enjoy these books as much as I envision. 


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